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 Well, first off I want to apologize for again being away so long from DA. Shit happens, y'know? I'm still drawing hardcore, working day and night on a HUGE project in which I will unveil very soon. I've been touting this hentai graphic anthology comic for a few years now, and I've finally made a lot of headway. The DA (i.e. SFW) exclusive preview will be done in a few weeks, and I'll (hopefully) be able to upload some of these commissions I've worked on over the past few months within the next few days.
Anyhow, thanks to all the new watchers and all my old buds. More stuff coming very soon! :ahoy:
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 I don't think I've had the chance to write anything for 2016... Well, I'm still here, it's just that my life has gone through so many changes, that I can't afford the internet right now. That being said, I'll keep this brief.

I quit the job I had been working at for about 12 years, was out of work for the month of July, had to move out of my apartment and into my girlfriend's place.
 While I've found a new part time gig, and I'm drawing a lot more, keeping the bills paid has been crushing my soul. I will be able to upload a shit-ton of new stuff, mainly ORIGINAL SHIT that I want to put out... It will happen soon! But I gotta get my life back on track.

But I'm still alive! :)

Thanks to all the new followers I haven't replied to and the old friends I miss. You guys are still rockin'.
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So, maybe no one noticed, but I quit my position as artist for the comic I was working on a few months back.

I'm not gonna put anyone's business out there on the street, much lest my own, but I'll just say it wasn't the right fit for me. I don't proclaim to be the hottest shit on the comics front; Hell, I'm so off the radar because a lot of the art you can find online that I've done puts a lot of people off, because you know, bewbs. Regardless of how many people supported me, I never really got much feedback from anyone-- my friends, my family, and the three or so people that really like my art, and that kinda hurts. Also, I've never worked well with collaborators or with rules or under instruction, so I opted out as soon as things started feeling funny.

 I still credit the writer to be a good one, and a great person to work with. But again, I'm not the guy for that job. I know this hurts me as far as my art career goes, I don't doubt that. So I've taken it as a loss. :shrug: (My collaborator never did upload the rest of the story I finished, however. That's not on me though.)

But it's all good. With a lot of this free time, I've been doing a lot of reteaching myself some things, and am further working on my next comic steadily. I may not make any money or fame at it, but I know this next time I'll be better equipped to face the comics world with a stronger resolve (And a better grip on backgrounds, LOL).
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It's 2015, and it feels pretty good. I've come out of my slump a bit, having finished the art for BFF @, and have started in on the designs for the next issue(s). Amidst all that I've been getting the next entries ready for my Porn Star A-Z Art Challenge. I was on the letter, "N" if I recall. I honestly wish I could make all six, but I might just go with three, like normal...

:star:Oh, and I will not be taking a poll for the letter "O", because there's only a scant few porn stars (I'd draw) whose name starts with the letter O. The letter "P" will be a whole different story...:boogie:

I've also been working hardcore on my personal work. I hope to have my own self-written series up and running soon. It will star my OC's, Cookie Cutters, Joey Jacklyn and their friends as they live their lives on an island metropolis and get into all kinds of dumb sexy things.

Also, I just created a Facebook art page! I dunno why I did it, but eh, exposure is exposure.…

Well, back the old drawing board, because my fingers are getting tired.
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 I've been really down as of late. I feel that I lost my mojo, despite having obligations to do BFF for It's really fun doing it, but with the pages becoming more and more detailed, as-per-request, I feel that I want to draw more stuff, most notably my OC's n stuff. Nonetheless, I'll def be uploading a few things soon... because I need to bust a nut, artistically. :shrug: Guess this is the life of a comic-artist-for-hire. There has to be more!
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...You're awesome.

 Well, now that that's out of the way, I just want to say thanks for all the art-love, errbawdy! I've been hard at work on BFF for, and I've been learning a lot about myself and the webcomics industry more and more everyday. I'm glad I'd dived into it headfirst, and while we're at a slow start with just this one singular story, at one page a week (every Sunday), we're staying optimistic and we'll have a lot more on the way.

 Also, I'm having a fun time with the Porn Star A-Z Art Challenge I've been working on a little every week. It's been getting a lot of attention and I would like to start drawing more "famous" people like these. I don't mind some of the negative criticism I've been getting here and there on other social medias, that just comes with the territory. I like drawing nasty shit. I'm not ashamed in any way about drawing things that stir certain emotions. And my girlfriend loves this type of art. She's been pushing me to draw even nastier things, to let that part of myself breathe. It's quite refreshing to let that freak flag fly, so to speak. That being said expect some increased madness on the way... :ninja:

In all, July has been an eye opener so far. I'm growing into the type of artist I want to be, drawing the things I truly want to draw...So that being said, back to the drawing board! :work:
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 First off, let me say thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes. This year was the first birthday in a long time that I didn't have morbid thoughts about my a mortality...

 Secondly, June rocked. I got a lot of art done, some of which I even uploaded on this here particular social network. The other stuff is on one of my TWO Tumblr pages, one of which contains art I could never put up on DA, for restrictive reasons. Nonetheless, June was a pretty fruitful month indeed.

Lastly, I'm open for commissions! Send me a note if you want some art for cheap! :D
So I finished the last page of the first issue of BFF for, and well, I feel great! :woohoo:

 I'm currently drawing up the second issue which will undoubtedly have a two-page update instead of the single page every week. Plus, I've been hard at work on some profile pieces and some tech-worldbuilding type stuff that I'll convince the creator to allow me to upload. Should be a rollicking good time.

In other art news, I'm halfway through the next letter, F, in my Porn Star A-Z Art Challenge. The biggest challenge of this is to draw a diverse range of faces and body-types, which is really fun to practice. So far, I've gained a bit of a following on DA and Tumblr just for this little project. Thanks to everyone for their support!
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March has been cool so far! I have a lot of things coming up this month. :boogie:

Still going strong with BFF at, and actually getting some personal works done. I'm having alot of fun with all of it! Gonna start delving back into my roots, which is more adult-oriented (i.e. pornographic and ultra-violent) works. But expect a bit of fan-art on the way as well...

Also, I'm still getting the hang of things on Tumblr, so come and check me out! (and shoot me some pointers while yer at it, :D)
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 I've been super-busy networking and drawing like crazy, but there's a big part of me that wants to do all kinds of awesome things on DA. So, here I am once again posting a journal entry about doing more here and online in general...Hell, I really just want to draw moreso than I already am! So, that being said, expect a lot more out me: journals, sketches, pin-ups and more...

 I do want to continue my fan-art, because I love drawing fan-art. And now, I'm getting into the DA-related chars and such, and I want to show my gratitude to my fave artists out there...I am serious about the Porn Star A-Z thing, because, well, I'm an' effing perv. :B I still may finish the Marvel one, tho.

 I still take on commissions and sometimes, I do requests... :plotting: But know, that I am very busy all the time.

Also: I made a Tumblr! It's fun, and while it's a lot more personal (I can post my REAL shit there), I still like DA's interface and community.

Thanks to all the new people checking out my works, and those that are creating new works to inspire.
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 ... I am now a comic artist! I've been hiding out in the lab collaborating with writer, Isaiah Smalley to create some awesome work. We'll be updating every Sunday. :dance: :boogie: :headbang: I can finally release some art for it, so stay tuned! Also, Happy New Year, y'all.

Here's the place:
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Still here with ya, DA.

 I've been hard at work on the webcomic, and soon, I hope to be able to show off what I've been working on all this time...

 Stupid-dope-ultra-tight props to all the new fave-ers and watchers for checkin' me out, and to all the great new art I've been seeing, Deviant-people..! :thanks:

Welp, back to the drawing board...:work:
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I just wanted to say hello, DA! :D

I've been working a lot, and I'm actually doing contracted work for an upcoming web-comic with a writer named Isaiah Smalley. He's got a great script for a story that actually suits my drawing style. At least, I think so! Fun stuff. But as this is so, until the first issue is done, you won't see me as much (compared to how much I usually frequent this place, my internet home.).  :sad:

Nonetheless, I will be posting random stuff from time-to-time...

And thanks for the adds and the birthday wishes, errrbawdy! I hope you folks'll like what comes soon...
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...I'm pooped! :shithappens:

My trip to the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) was a grandiose adventure. Alongside my brothers-in-arms, :icontonytorrid: and :iconkaisersosa9999: , we attended the event in our usual Elite Battal fashion, setting up haphazardly and coming unprepared (at least I did, anyways.). :ashamed:

But! We made an impact with a lot of people and saw some awesome crazy sights. I was kinda tied to my table so I couldn't go around and see some of my favorite "celebrities", like :iconjenbroomall:, :iconfranchesco:, :iconthechamba:, :iconrobaato:, and many others I can think of off the top of my head...To tell the truth, I was a little starstruck, LOL :squee:...

The trip was an enlightening experience and I hope to be there again next year with a lot more to show off. SUPERCHARGED!
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So, I'm definitely gonna be at the C2E2 in Chicago. I'll be there beside my bros :icontonytorrid: and :iconkaisersosa9999:, drawing things and selling art. I won't have many prints of things, but I'll def be able to sketch some stuff for ya--for a nominal fee. :plotting:

In other news, I'm in negotiations to be the artist on a webcomic, for monies and things. It would be my first paying comic work, and I will be corresponding to DA with sketches, pin ups and other crazy things. This does not mean I won't be working on my own things, but I'll have a chance to get my foot in the industry I was born to do. I also have a story coming soon I've been working on with the stellar :iconreedjones:. It's a long time coming, but this thing is gonna rock your socks!

Though I haven't gotten to it yet, expect some new trashy smutty stuff on my blog. If you don't know where it's at, I can tell ya in a note or whatever. Be warned, it's not for the faint of heart. :ashamed:

In any case, hopefully next month is better than this one... Until we meet again, folks! :)
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Getting back to normal posting on DA. The uploader's a lot easier to work with, and I've met a few stellar artists within the past 6 months or so that inspire the crap outta me. I haven't been on the games as much, as I want to really get better at my art... (Still getting the occasional FG bug-- Thanks for the fights, :iconkaisersosa9999: and :iconhybridstudios:)

Also, I've been hitting a stride in RL commission work, that I don't show on the internets as I want to keep some kind of rarity of it when I kick the bucket someday. :shrug:

The reason for the sudden rush of inspiration? I had met someone that opened my eyes a bit. This person, who I initially saw as a passing fancy, really hit it home with me, and usually when I make a connection somehow with ANYBODY in the world, it fills me with...I dunno. I don't even have words for what to call it, but yeah. It makes me want to draw, this "lifestuff".

In other news, I'm drawing some work for whatitcalled...C2E2? I'm gathering a "Spirit Bomb" of power to go (alongside my brothers :icontonytorrid: and :iconkaisersosa9999:)...yet, funds have been tight. But most likely I'll be able to make it. If any watchers or DA friends are gonna be there, let me know! I would like to meet you out there in the world, and maybe you have a request or three, heheheh :plotting:. Guys like me rarely leave the house, nevermind the state! I'll keep y'all updated...

Deviants I've been diggin' lately: :iconarsondadko:,:iconburgerstick:,:iconzaftigbunnypress:,:icongashi-gashi:,:icongodtail:,:iconricken-art:,:iconslugbox:,:iconkanthesis:,:iconphraggle:,:iconmooncalfe:,:icondavealvarez:,:iconreza-ilyasa:...and so may more, my fingers are tired.

Anyway, DA... Thanks for still being here when I need to post some boobs n' fan-art n' stuff.
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...I haven't posted a journal in a good long while! :stupidme:

Well, for one, I've been getting over the holiday season (even now, like two months after what most people consider the holiday season) and have been getting some time in with a lot of people I haven't interacted somehow with in a long time. But the real truth is, is that I've been really fucking lazy, art-wise. Like getting home from work and doing nothing but playing Borderlands 2-type lazy. I have a lot of unfinished work lying around my loft and it's... it's just bad. That being said, I'm gonna go draw some stuff. See y'all later!
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...where's the boobs at? :woohoo:

I'll just say this: I've been holding off on some of my more smutty work so I could revive my BlogSpot... But, as this is how I've gained most of my watchers, I'm wondering how good an idea this is...

That being said, expect me to get back to my roots soon...
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...and I said to myself, "Stop thinking and draw, dude!":B

Amidst a lot of changes in RL, I've been drawing random fan arts just to keep my sword sharp. Still writing and finalizing Pirate Queen Sex Droid Super H and a few other personal projects (Stabber Flix, Dish.....:plotting:).. I just want to say to all the artists on DeviantArt, you guys are really doing some out-there stuff and it is a great inspiration. :salute:

Big ups to mah homeys (The Elite Battal Three Three Zee), :iconkaisersosa9999:, :icontonytorrid:, :iconhybridstudios:! My sis, :iconshibishib:, and a special nod to :iconreedjones: for the additional chutzpah. :D

Back to the drawing board, folks.
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So yeah, I'm a graduate of the Choffin Career Center Commercial Arts program, and proud of it. Me and all my classmates all were set upon the world to become these awesome money-making artists :bucktooth:. This was in 1999, more or less. More or less meaning, that I went through some bad things as a teenager, and dropped out of school. But I still attended this class everyday regardless of whether I graduated or not (Which I did, later.). I absolutely adored the things that were learned way back then. I met friends that I'm still cool with (:icontonytorrid:, :iconkaisersosa9999:, :iconhybridstudios:, :iconfallenangel-2k3:, :iconclosedingirl:), as well as the CA teacher of some 30 years, Miss Romaine Ruffley.
Miss Ruffley is and always will be a great inspiration to me. I learned a lot of things artistically, the beginnings of PS, Illustrator, general cutting and matting your works and my favorite lesson...hand lettering. Yeah, weird ain't it? It is a skill I must use to this day, because I don't own Illustrator or any lettering program like it, so I have to letter a lot of RL works the way she taught me. With a T-square and a triangle, right? Right?!
Anyways, because of my love for the class and my attendance problem in regular school, I sort of just stayed there and learned more about ART. Well, upon graduation from the program, we were all given the privilege of coming back every year to judge the annual portfolio review for the classes under us. The years have gone by and more of the alumni have moved away or working, or whatever, but a scant few of the regular judges still show up (Guy Shively, Dan Dan The T-Shirt man, that hot art firm lady, etc.). I've been coming every year since graduation, and it is always an honor to do so, being that I never really officially got a diploma from the CCC, and am recognized as a professional Youngstown artist.  
(I'm actually known as Mr. Harsh-Critic. I've only given an average of two A's per three-year span, and it kind of makes me feel awesome inside. :boogie:)
Today was the 2012 Review and as was informed to me by the never-really-aging-all-that-much Miss Ruffley, would be the last at CCC. She's moving her class to Chaney High... I was a little heartbroken, one because I thought that the class made a huge come-up since I'd been there, and two, because I'd never set foot in Chaney High before, hahaha. *burp* . It's cool, I'll be there next year, bein' all harsh n' shit.
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